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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  January 22, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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it has been an eventful ride, we will see where this goes. a lot more is going to be happening here on the fox news channel, harris faulkner has continuing coverage. >> harris: we will continue with the big vote, 81-18, putting our government back in play and opening the doors of our government with a continued resolution that now goes until february 8th. the deal the democrats say they got for their leader in the senate chuck schumer, senator schumer says they got a deal to immediately tackle legislation for daca in the dreamers program. that and they had supposedly aa week ago, what happened that changed is that democrats voted with republicans to reopen the government. i'm harris faulkner, you are watching our continuing coverage today as though shutdown ends at least temporarily on capitol hill. this is "outnumbered overtime," let's bring in my very first guest because he is in the
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senate, colorado senator cory gardner. he sits on the budget committee and chairs the senate g.o.p. campaign arm. a very important person to talk with right now. what happened in that room that changed things? >> it is curious because the same basic offer was made friday night to senator schumer that we would have a three week cr, we would turn to the issue of daca immigration. that was rejected on friday night, here we are on monday after having shut the federal government down for several days saying basically we will go back to that same deal that was rejected on friday night. i guess they could finally figured out a way to quit digging today. >> harris: there is talk from the president that may be republican go nuclear. they should maybe go to a majority and burn the democrats on the steel that may be pushing it forward, talk to me about that.
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>> so many people are saying we should look at the filibuster and i think the kind of behavior we saw exhibited gives people reason to have conversations about what needs to change in the senate because their behavior is preventing people from solving the things people actually agree need to be solved. i hope over the next several weeks we can track a solution the president will support, and that we don't have this minority filibuster again that stops the majority who agree it needs to be solved from doing their work. >> harris: you know this is being talked about as you may know with the #humorshutdown that went viral online over the last few days. the question remains, is this something that could have been handled and we didn't have to shut down, why did we get to this point? >> we had more than 50 votes, we had a bipartisan majority in support of funding the government last week. when the government got shut down because senator schumer insisted on the filibuster, and
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refused to provide the votes necessary to keep the government open. this is a problem senator schumer is going to have to explain, why he rejected a deal that he basically agreed to today. the most important thing is to solve the challenges the american people face. let's put together a solution that passes the senate, the house with the president's support. >> harris: senator dick durbin, also a democrat spoke on the floor after you all voted yes to reopening the government, he said we've gathered the largest group of bipartisan supporters to move on daca. you say you are working on bipartisan legislation, what do you have? >> we've tried to address the four parts of what president trump said, border security, there is more work that needs to be done there. to provide enough certainty on security dollars for the system
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we talked about. i also think we have to address the issue of chain migration in a way that gains his support, gains republican support. the only way it's going to pass as if it has bipartisan support. the only way it's going to get to the president's desk as if he supports it. we do have a large group on both sides of the aisle that agree there needs to be a solution. how do we address the children who were brought here through a young age, no fault of their own. the details are going to be tricky but the fact is i think today you saw a senate committed to achieve with the president has asked and make sure we achieve what we have two for this country, secure borders and solve one of the most vexing immigration challenges we've ever faced. >> harris: when you kick the can down the road, the participants inside just got married. is that will be just dead again? >> in many respects we will find out. instead of actually getting the job done, we are about to find
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out. if we do this, and end up in the same shut down politics again, i hope not. senator mcconnell made it very clear that we need to fix our defense spending, address opiate addiction. there are so many things we need to work on but the collateral damage of a shutdown is unacceptable. the collateral damage of spouses to those in the military, the collateral damage of those in opiate treatment plans, what happens to those. in colorado we know there were 6,000 civilians who faced a potential furlough in colorado's rings. that kind of collateral damage is simply unacceptable and that's why i do not understand why senator schumer chose to drive the senate -- drive the government into a shutdown in the first place. >> harris: from the great state of colorado, at least the government is reopen for today through february 8th. thank you very much. we are going to go now live, you see senator collins, republican
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and senator manchin democrat talking about their votes today. let's watch today. >> can you talk about what specifically changed? >> every meeting we were in, the meeting susan and i had, was always an optimistic meeting. we always knew there was a pathway forward and it was a reasonable pathway forward. most importantly, should reach of the government down? absolutely not but there were other people that felt differently. the bottom line is not to keep it shut down. we were all moving in a very positive movement towards that. leadership was still -- i'm only going to say this. the rules of the senate have to change. i am speaking for myself, this is me. i don't believe that either leader on either side should have the power they have. that is me speaking to two
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people, whoever's in the majority and minority should be in the position of that much power to stop an agenda when they have a force is strong as ours moving in the direction and i will tell you, they listen and that's what moved it. we weren't backing off. i think if we looked at anything it's the rules of the senate. how come committees don't work? how come committee chairs don't have input? how do we get to this point? with that being said we were always optimistic. >> let me just add a little bit to what joe has said. first of all, every single difficult negotiation i've ever been in in the 21 years that i have been privileged to serve in the senate has had these peaks and valleys and this was no different. in the end i gave our leader a
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lot of credit for listening to the idea that we put forward and for showing some flexibility after starting out being pretty dug in. obviously, ultimately it was the decisions made by mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer that brought us to this point but i believe that our group by giving them specific ideas for how to move forward and because of the size and bipartisan nature of our group played very instrumental role in breaking the impasse. >> you get a lot of people from the outside start pushing the envelope from the far right and far left. chuck and mitch had to come together for the good of the country and say we hear you loud and clear, you are going to get your voices heard. you will get a chance to have votes on certain things but we've got to open this government and move forward.
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>> the proposal mitch mcconnell put forward, is it the same one you guys brought to him or is it some iteration on that? >> it's a variation on the same but it is -- it does reflect to the we suggested. which is that government would be reopened, we would all continue to work on the global issues that are still out there such as budget caps and if those issues were not resolved, by a date certain he would bring to the senate floor a vehicle for the immigration issue to be resolved, including border security and the daca -- dreamer population.
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i think we helped shape it but ultimately it reflected the negotiations of the two leaders. >> we never try to write the bill in our groups. the common sense coalition, our purpose was not to write a piece of legislation and put this out. it was basically these people should be heard, this process should work and they should have their day. the time constraints, we are all cognizant of the time constraints we are working under. february eighth is a deadline. how can we make this happen, can we concise that, what they can agree on to put on the floor, kind of a type of a process is directed in one direction for the purpose of the daca population. >> what happens february 8th on the immigration bill? >> that depends on the outcome of the global negotiations that
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are going on. i believe as laid out by leader mcconnell if there is not a global agreement on issues ranging from defense spending, domestic spending, budget caps, the health care issues that are still out there, the immigration issues, then the immigration bill if there is not an agreement, the immigration bill would be brought as a separate piece of legislation or there would be a vehicle for that and that would occur february 8th. >> the 60 vote threshold, 60 vote threshold. democrats have the ability or opportunity to make sure there is a process heard, that's what they're going to use in a reasonable way. some people may be unreasonable in certain aspects of each
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caucus. there is a process forward, that's what they demanded and that's what they got. mitch i think was very gracious and saying what he said today, it made all the difference in the world, his speech this morning opened up the avenue we needed, the vehicle we needed to carry forward. the pressure is going to be on -- basically when we get our job done, paul ryan has to do his job. we can't do the houses job. we can't dictate what the president and the -- >> harris: okay. around and around we go. you hear senators collins of maine and joe manchin of west virginia there together, a visual aid if you will reminding us that this is a bipartisan vote today to reopen the government. the two sides where it very differently. you saw as we open the program this hour, senator gardner of the state of colorado telling me we got 17 days, this could happen again if they can't move
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forward on certain issues. you heard senator collins taking those off. if those other issues are not resolved by february 8th they will be brought forth by a mechanism in which they will tackle daca. agreeing with their republican gardener on this, they've got to get something done in 17 days or we come right back with our faces. let's bring in hugo gordon. hugo, what is your first though thought? the government has been reopened by a bipartisan vote. we've got 17 days to do this. >> the crucial thing is before the weekend when the steel was offered, the democrats didn't
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take it. they insisted and immigration reform bill be attached to the spending bill. the two are unrelated. they decided to hold the government hostage for three days. chuck schumer and the democrats have backed down. the truth is the daca bill will come forward on february 8th is the spending is not been sorted out but that doesn't mean they are not going to get the daca fix they want. republicans in the democrats have been through this before and republicans as you probably recall, in 1986 there was a big reform, amnesty and border security. amnesty happened and border security didn't. i don't think president trump or the republicans on capitol hill will get back to it again. >> harris: i had in my notes,
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i think we are missing the facts about our reporting to say the president did not take a substantive part in all of this. i think we might be because the last person to meet with chuck schumer was the president of the united states and we were all waiting to see what was going to happen on friday out of that and then you have a situation where the democrats basically capitulate. >> i think it's very likely that the president has taken a -- even though a back seat, he's been talking to them. one of the things the democrats have said is that the president did not really supply at leadership. he changed his position a couple of times, he got closer and closer to the deadline without it being clear whether republicans in particular the president wanted to go. this was a democratic shut down and think the president would have said to chuck schumer and chuck schumer would've recognized over the last three days that unlike previous shutdowns, the democrats were starting to get blamed for this.
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the trump administration was very clever in the way this shutdown was managed. instead of doing what president obama did which was to make it as painful as possible in shutting world war ii veterans out of out of the world war ii memorial and things which were visible and kind of harsh, you have the administration this time i think there was a story about the interior secretary actually picking up trash and they were going to keep the parks open and so i think the republicans were being seen as more reasonable on this and the democrats were seen as attaching a completely unrelated immigration reform to the government spending bill. >> harris: i talk about the president's participation and i think it works in this way as well. it can be a tweet but that 51% threat of a nuclear option for the senate, he wasn't telling them to do with that he did in a
10:17 am
tweet which was interesting and if anybody thought he was blinking, what was the fact? >> i think it will be a very bad idea to end the filibuster. >> harris: democrats no doubt took them seriously. >> they did and he said this before and i think mitch mcconnell end of the republicans on capitol hill have resisted this and they don't want to -- conservatives everywhere should feel it's a good idea to have the filibuster because it has been a break on the expansion of government but democrats brought this on themselves by ending the filibuster and mitch mcconnell used it to get judge neil gorsuch confirmed to the supreme court. that's very different from ending the filibuster on legislation. i would not advocate and i hope republicans on capitol hill don't go there. >> harris: i do question about the fact that we now know that chuck schumer saw this deal or some variation of it that was very close to what he ended up
10:18 am
getting today by leading the democrats to helping republicans reopen the government. he potentially saw this last week, late last week. if that's the case, i now better understand why dreamers are so angry with the democrats. in their perspective it would seem based on that fact and that reporting that this is a deal they had before the democrats another have the same deal for potentially getting something done about daca, they were all upon in all of this. >> i think the dreamers are gradually beginning to see that they are always the pond for the democrats. the truth is that the dash when the democrats had the house, the senate and the presidency under president obama, they had a filibuster proof majority in the senate, they had the opportunity to fix this but instead of fixing it they went into the 2010 elections with the
10:19 am
president saying go out and reward your friends and punish your enemies. bring us back a victory in the 2010 election. it didn't work. they'd much rather have this as an issue going into elections. which is why you've seen it being played this way in a year we have the 2018 midterms. they like it as an issue but gradually i think immigrants are going to realize they are being played for suckers by the democrats. the party would much rather have them as an issue to be republicans and fix the problem. >> harris: thank you very much for helping us break it down. senator jeff flake, bothell lot, the president has been very critical of him. what does he say today? >> in terms of picking a bill, that was convincing. i do think that the commitment
10:20 am
made like this today with such fanfare for what will happen three weeks from now -- i hope so. we have this meeting, these meetings in susan collins offic office. it was really good to see. it will be nice to have a process on the senate floor. really since the bipartisan immigration bill we did before. everybody had their say. >> you been trying to negotiate a bill on immigration for months, what makes this different? >> dealing with the white house and not knowing where the president is, what is holding us back and holding mitch mcconnell -- i hope it does, i
10:21 am
hope the president will say here's what we need and here's what we will stick with. the senate will be the senate again. we want to get a deal before march 5th. i think the worst outcome would be to get to march 5th. we will try to put something through that looks like the legislative equivalent of daca. we would have to wait and for something that will be certain again, oh deal would be done but it wouldn't be permanent. it's a victory for i think everybody when the government opens back up. we haven't done anything yet. other than open up the
10:22 am
government hopefully at about 2:30 one may the final vote. >> ultimately the president is going to get on board in order for the house to vote on it. the house much more so than the senate relies on the backing of the president. >> have you talked about this? >> i've talked about him and that's his message as well. it will be very difficult to pass anything in the house without the president support. we are saying we can't wait for the president to indicate his support before starting the process. if we can pass a bill, if it passes the senate at the bipartisan bill. it will be at least 60 votes, i think closer to 70. if that gets to the white house i am confident the president will sign it. and then it can move through the house. >> as the speaker told you he will put the senate immigration bill on the floor? >> no, he hasn't. he doesn't have too. he can put another bill and we
10:23 am
can deal with than in conference, that's how we usually work it. he doesn't have to put the senate bill. i do think if the president gets behind it, and it's something they will want to put. >> what are the next steps for a bipartisan group? >> to make sure we have a bill -- if we do go to regular order, we are not going to go through committee but if we bring something to the floor, keep in mind if everybody offers amendments and you deal with the process under the senate rules it can be a long, long process. we are still going to need some consent and some kind of agreement to move ahead and to do that you have to have a product that has support and that's what we are hoping to do is brought in the support we already have with the bipartisan bill, brought in that, border
10:24 am
security elements that people on my side of the aisle want. if we can broaden that product and the support for that product we can then have an easier time when we get to february 8th. >> when you talk about border security, how much of that is a physical border wall? >> senator schumer indicated he was willing to give additional money. what is on the table so far and what we have in the bill so far is what the president has requested for this next year. if additional commitments need to be made in terms of a mix of authorization and appropriation beyond that time we will do that. is it going to be a wall? the president has said not all of it is a wall, some of it is offense. most of it is a fence, actually. it is a border wall system i guess you can call it. whatever it is it will be additional border security and that is important. >> harris: very interesting
10:25 am
from senator jeff flake who has been so critical on the senate floor making speeches about the president but also voting 90% of the time with president trump's policies. he said senator schumer of the democrats as indicated he is ready to give more money for the wall system. let's bring in republican congressman mac thornberry who is chairman of the house armed services committee, he joins me now. thank you so much for being here. i just want to get your idea on what we just heard about the wall and the fact that senator schumer had to come to the table with something different and he had a deal last week. your thought on what transpired today? >> i think senator schumer saw some polls that were not going in his favor, a lot of the reason for that is because of the damage that was being done to the united states military during this shut down. i really think that's the broader issue that today does
10:26 am
not solve. for several months we've had some folks on capitol hill who have been willing to hold military funding hostage to some other issue, whether it was increasing funding on a domestic issue or in this case some sort of immigration issue. and unfortunately we have seen damage every step of the way as long as they've been doing that. >> harris: on the armed services committee, i know this is an issue you must've been talking about in detail over the weekend, i can only imagine how many military families you heard from. today i heard morning military military would not be getting government death benefits. you had 1.3 million uniformed military personnel in state rey position waiting to see if they were going to get paychecks. it's been solved potentially at least for the next 17 days but we've been through this before, congressman.
10:27 am
16 days the last go around, what did you learn about protecting military families that didn't work out this time? can't we fix that and make it separate wesco >> we've got to fix it and we have to make it separate. you are really getting to the heart of the issue. as long as we are making military funding conditional on some other issue, whether it's immigration or epa funding or whatever it is, as long as were doing that we are making these men and women who are risking their lives for us political ponds. now they will get their paycheck but we are back under the stopgap spending measures that really damages their readiness and does not allow them to issue the contracts and does not allow them to train the way they should. unfortunately we lost two soldiers saturday morning in a helicopter accident, now those death benefits can be paid but we have lost too many people because of accidents, because of
10:28 am
this political gamesmanship that has gone on way too long with our military. >> harris: i want to talk more about that. what you are talking about is the fact that our readiness is actually even effected under this continuing resolution. it only goes seven days. who can plan anything in that time? >> you are exactly right. this is what we've been operating under since october, the series of stopgap measures, nobody can plan but in addition under this sort of funding you've got to do exactly what you did last year, whether you need to are not. for example last friday the pentagon came out with a new national security strategy that says were going to pay more attention to russia and china. nothing can be adjusted under this budget under the stopgap spending measure. that's the heart of this matter, as long as we hold the military hostage for some other issue we are not going to be able to
10:29 am
defend the country the way they should -- the way we should. >> harris: if the pentagon is telling us there are countries we need to watch, that's not just happening because somebody thought it was a good idea. that has to do i would imagine with national security. does this affect our national security? >> absolutely. we have never had a more complex national security threats all the same time then we are having right now. everybody is focused on north korea and iran, terrorists have not gone away, russia, china. you've got to have a budget that reflects that but for months we have been under the stopgap spending rules because people are willing to use the military as a political hostage. that's the heart of this matter and that's what we've got to get away from. >> harris: they are always going to be political ponds, i get that but the military rides
10:30 am
in a different position, they are our rider die people. we don't want to give them any reason, this affects morale. i've talked to enough military currents and veterans to do tha that. as we await the white house briefing we will talk with congressman jim jordan about the shutdown and how the house plans to deal with the senate spell which now goes back to the house. we will also ask about the fbi revelation that it is now missing five months of text messages between two officials accused of antitrust bias inside the fbi. is it time for a second special counsel? to investigate the investigators. that's what the president says, stay close.
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>> harris: government shutdown averted, senator ted cruz from texas, let's watch.
10:35 am
>> to turn and attack house republicans and fellow republicans and turn republicans on each other. that was a mistake. i wish it had not happened. this time republicans -- the media loved to write the story, love to broadcast the story that any shutdown is republicans fault. i think chuck schumer and the democrats believed they could shut the government down and reporters would dutifully blame it on republicans. >> do you support what mcconnell has promised here? >> my understand understandingh mcconnell has said we will have votes on immigration. i think we need to improve border security, past kate's law which is legislation i introduced, providing for
10:36 am
mandatory minimum sentences for aggravated felons who repeatedly enter this country. i think it would be a serious mistake for us to pass an amnesty bill providing amnesty and a path to citizenship for millions of people here illegally along with chain migration. i think that will be enormous mistake. congress might do that, i hope it doesn't and i think doing so would be inconsistent with the promises we made the american people in 2016. >> comprehensive immigration reform and not -- >> harris: there you see senator ted cruz walking away and just to catch you up in case you are tuning into "outnumbered overtime" now, we have had so much breaking news about the last 90 minutes or so on capitol hill as a bipartisan vote was put forth with more than 80 80 votes to reopen the government, which has been shut
10:37 am
down as you know for three days. we've been talking this hour and also covering the breaking news from members of congress who come forward and inside the senate you saw what was being described as a blink by the democrat side. the leader of the democrats had technically the same type of deal he had agreed upon today to reopen the government, he had it late last week. why democrats didn't move on that, you will have to go to senator chuck schumer to get more detail but what we know from his senate floor talk today was because he was waiting to see what could happen in terms of the dreamers and daca. he technically got the same thing he had late last week but we are moving forward. because democrats joined republicans today to reopen the government. let's bring ohio congressman jim jordan, a member of the house judiciary committee, always great to see you. we have a lot to get to but first let's talk. the house gets this now and you fully anticipate to do what? >> i think it will pass later
10:38 am
this afternoon, i think it will pass and we can get about business which is on immigration policy, we have a good bill in the house sponsored by chairman mccall that does all the things mr. cruz was talking about, all the things we promised the american people we would do in the 2016 election dealing with border security, chain migration, visa lottery, sanctuary cities. and then addressing the daca issue as well, doing it in that prioritizing manner is what would be consistent with the 2016 election, so let's pass that legislation into the right kind of thing. >> harris: hasn't changed much, i was just reporting that senator schumer, what he's agreed to is not too different than what he may have looked at last week. >> i think you are right but i think as senator cruz pointed out, sometimes they felt that the media would blame republicans for this when it was
10:39 am
obvious this was an amnesty shutdown. the government has reopened, let's do the where we were sent here to do by the american people, do what we are elected to accomplish. >> harris: i appreciate you telling us what's going to happen. first in about an hour will be that official back in the senate again vote to reopen the government officially. what we saw before was a preamble to this. but if you couldn't do that you certainly couldn't get to 2:30 p.m. eastern. let's talk about what's happening inside the fbi. you would have been all over this and now we learned of the fbi is missing months of text messages between two people who were having an affair but more importantly talking about how they were going to have an insurance policy to stop president trump from being president. >> they are not just missing text messages from anybody, they are missing them from 2e people. change the exoneration letter,
10:40 am
the now famous exoneration letter from gross negligence which is a criminal standard to extreme carelessness, peter strzok who helped run the russia investigation, with all these text messages between him and lisa page where they talk about how trump should not be elected president, we need an insurance policy. now we find out five months of text messages between these individuals come up missing. this is like the dog ate my homework. this isn't something -- we need to get to the bottom of it and find out what happened. >> harris: representative jim jordan with all the breaking news today. most important way with the government shutdown, the house will vote yes, so you think at this point. the senate is going to vote to end the filibuster, the blame game now is not over.
10:41 am
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>> harris: as we await the white house prefaced briefing after the senate reached a deal to reopen the government, they still have that final vote at 2:30 p.m. eastern. still a lot of finger-pointing going on over how we got here. republicans call it the schumer shutdown, that lit up on social media. they said democrats were holding the government hostage but democrats blamed the president. earlier the president tweeted this -- tammy bruce is a conservative radio talk show and fox news contributor. the former direction of strategic communications for hillary clinton. it looks like a schumer and the
10:46 am
democrats blinked. >> let's take a look back and think about how we got in this in the first place. democrats were frustrated they were shut out of the tax reform bill process. the obamacare repeal process was not followed by regular order. that beautiful john mccain op-ed that was in "the washington post," where we need regular order. democrats have been very pressured. >> harris: this is what i want to ask every democrat, you guys can fight over the answer but really and truly, senator schumer has the same deal friday that he got today. >> maybe even a better one, here's what happened. it's the same deal he didn't want on friday, the american people are not buying their commitment to the so-called dreamers, the average age by the way is 26 as opposed to the children argument. this was a fiasco for them and
10:47 am
it's very clear because now you've got these other dynamics including the offer chuck schumer said he made for billions to of dollars for the wall. they clearly overwhelmingly got out of this because it is an indication for the first time that the republicans weren't getting nailed with blame for something in the american people saw what was happening, perhaps the president's tweets helped, the media seem to be a little confused about how to carry this but it did not work. >> harris: just report the facts. >> the facts were bad for the democrats. it >> harris: congressman thornberry pointed to the fact that maybe the democrats took a look at the polling. i'm going to show you what some numbers might've been, stay close. what makes this simple salad
10:48 am
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>> harris: a fox news alert, you can bet the government shutdown will be front and center as sarah sanders steps to the lectern, we are watching for that to begin. shortly thereafter, we are expecting the final vote inside the senate to reopen the government, then that goes back to the house. you heard representative jim jordan say right on this program he fully anticipates the house will end it quickly and put it on the president's desk by today.
10:52 am
so why did democrats capitulate and blink? 31% in a survey said they would blame the democrats for the government shutdown. 26% saw it as the republicans fault, 21% is the president. >> i think what is missed here is the mood of the country. this is not 2013, they are finding whether it's these kinds of polls or even their internal polls that this is not being received well. it remains trump's year after a successful 2017. the american people want resolution on these things but the republicans better be careful and not be promising something to the democrats that is the antithesis of what president trump has promised the american people. >> harris: not to argue your point for you but i didn't hear any republicans say they were going to pass daca, what i heard was dick durbin say they are going to get this through and it's amazing how many bipartisan supporters they have. they are just bringing it to the senate floor. >> the votes are there, that's what we've known for a long
10:53 am
time, mitch mcconnell would bring a daca fix and a clean bill to the floor, it will pass. the votes are there. >> change chain migration is go be the catching point. without the chain migration fix it would turn into 5 million, that's what the argument is going to be, mark my words. >> harris: are democrats going to agree to amend that are go away over time? >> democrats have made it very clear that we are willing to negotiate with republicans, we talked about finding a wall, border security. , harris has said i will pass daca bill with border security funding. >> harris: you said i just don't understand why democrats didn't do this yesterday rather than today. >> i will say this. in my view, if a a -- if the government shutdown was still shut down at midnight last night i thought this might go on for a few more days.
10:54 am
americans don't actually feel -- not every american is feeling what i shutdown feels like over the weekend but when monday kicks in and people start losing their salaries. that's when you actually feel i it. >> harris: i think the military played a bigger component in all of this, congressman thornberry told me that just a few minutes ago. when the pentagon said we need to focus on russia and china, yet they couldn't put a plan in place, that becomes a problem. >> that is i think where you heard the narrative from republicans. shutting down the government for these illegal aliens at the expense even of our military and our veterans, that is not something the american people accepted. i think that's why the polls are the way they are and this is a victory for the american people because we will have our priorities back on track. >> harris: going forward, does anything get done on daca? >> if they don't see what they want and they want to shutdown the government again it's going to be a huge problem for the democrats but only if there is
10:55 am
chain migration and a fix on that that happens immediately. >> harris: we had on seven republicans and senators or rather representatives and senators this hour and i want to make sure i give the quote to the right person. a senator jeff flake, an interesting messenger today said the commitment made with such fanfare, we can count on it in terms of whether or not mitch mcconnell will stick to what is promised. >> that's of a gift and that's what chuck schumer and democrat democrats -- >> harris: he's only promised to look at the issue. >> that's what we think, we don't know what they really promised. this is what you have a continuing resolution, it's always an emergency, there's not enough time to tell the american people, no one can see it and they like it that way. >> continuing resolutions or disaster. >> harris: democrats signed on it today, they capitulated. >> republicans have full control of the government. >> harris: thank you very
10:56 am
much, we'll be right back. ♪ your heart doesn't only belong to you. bye grandpa. and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help. entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital compared to a leading heart failure medicine. don't take entresto if pregnant. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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>> the breaking news continues on fox news channel. stay glued in about 30 minutes senators are set to rubber stamp their vote on reopening the government from a shut down. here is da na. >> dana: a major compromise on capitol hill, paving the way to reopen the government on day three of the shut down. help owe everyone i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." to live events we're watching now. senator sanders set to speak to the white house press corp at any moment. and law makers are set to vote on a testimon temporary fundingl until february 8. with senator dra graham saying e issues are not over. >> what is winning is finding a solution on tkaubg a, on military


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